The thing I Discovered from Dating Striking Malaysian Ladies

The thing I Discovered from Dating Striking Malaysian Ladies

2. One-Night Stands are Rare

I don’t state that having a stand that is one-night impossible.

All we state is most girls are seeking a relationship that is serious especially the Indian girls therefore the conventional Malay girls who possessn’t changed their Malaysian Cupid account into an account on

You’re in a Muslim nation with a traditional dating culture.

You aren’t in Singapore or Hong Kong in which the Western hookup tradition is commonly accepted. Nevertheless, simply because she does not wish to be your one-night stand does not mean that she won’t sleep with you…

3. Malaysian Girls Love Sex

The truth is but Malaysian women can be exceedingly sexual.

“What? However you said which they don’t wish one-night stands?”

My Malay friend (she’s a girl) said it well:

“We have already been raised to trust that having one-night stands is a sin being in a monogamous relationship is fine. No one states the length of time this relationship that is monogamous to be…”

This means that, she would like to have intercourse to you, but only when you’re in a relationship, regardless of if this relationship just can last for 3 days.

This results in this strange fact:

74% of Malaysians are receiving sex at least one time a but only 38% are satisfied with their sex life (source) week. Continue reading “The thing I Discovered from Dating Striking Malaysian Ladies”